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Program and Services

The NHFHT began developing their programs in the fall of 2008 and based those programs on the recommendations of the physicians they collaborate with.  The programs are structured in such a way to help take some of the work load off the busy physicians, while still offering the patient the skill and care they need from a health care provider.  
Cholesterol Management
If your cholesterol levels are high, making liefestyle changes can help to lower them.  In our Cholesterol Management program, patients meet with the Dietitian to learn how to improve cardiovascular (heart) health.  Patients learn how to alter their diet to lower bad cholestrol and increase good.  Patients will also learn how exercise, stress, smoking, alcohol intake and refined carbohydrates impact their cholesterol.

Smoking Cessation Program
Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you will do in your life.  Our Pharmacist, who is TEACH Certified (Training Enhancement in Applied Cessation, Counselling and Health) will help you with your plan to quit smoking.  The program will be customized to meet the patients needs and motivations to quit smoking.  It will continue for as long as needed to ensure a successful outcome and a future without all the health risks associated with smoking.  Medication is available to overcome cravings for cigarettes.  Lifestyle changes to help with the habit of smoking are discussed.  The NHFHT is part of the STOP program, which provides nicotine replacement therapy such as nicotine patches or nicotine gum to you at no charge.

Diabetes and Prediabetes
Our team of Certified Diabetes Educators make up the Diabetic Education Team.  The team will work with you to help you learn how and when to test your blood sugar, healthy meal planning, the importance of medication, and other things to help control diabetes.  If insulin is needed, you will be taught how to use the insulin, as well as, how and when to adjust the dose.  Other areas of diabetes control such as eating out, travelling, sick day management, and what to do for low blood sugar are all situations that will be discussed.  The team also helps those patients identified as prediabetic.  You will learn what you need to do to prevent or delay diabetes.  You will learn about healthy meal planning, the importance of physical activity, why we eat, SMART goal setting, and what lab work values you need to follow.  The team also runs Prediabetic Group Sessions throughout the year. 

Travel Vaccine Assessments
Every year, Canadians make 3 million trips to Mexico and the Caribbean.  When on that long awaited trip, many every day vacation activities can put a person at risk for contacting a disease, even if staying in a high quality resort.  Pre-vacation planning can help prevent patients from contacting travel related illness to allow full enjoyment of the vacation and future vacations.  Talk to our Pharmacist for education on the potential risks you may encounter during your trip and recommendations for vaccines, to protect you and your family from such risks.

Medication Assessment
It is estimated that up to 90% of patients taking a maintenance medication will at some time have compliance issues.  This can have a huge impact on the expected effects of a medication.  In turn, this can affect physician’s prescribing by adding new medications or increasing doses of current medications as the expected results are not being seen.  Many patients will stop medications due to side effects or perceived lack of benefit without informing the prescriber.  Dosing regimens can often be simplified by prescribing combination medications.  This can serve to improve compliance.  Often, patients will take complimentary or alternative medications. These therapies can interact with prescribed medications or cause unexpected side effects.  Patients too often do not inform their care givers about other medications they take.  A medication assessment by our Pharmacist will address all of these considerations.  Any discontinued medications that a patient brings in will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.  A medication schedule will be given to each patient to follow to properly take their medication as ordered.

Medication Review
Our Pharmacist will work with you to understand your medications, what they are for, how and when to properly take them and how to control the side effects.  The Pharmacist will also work with you and your doctor to ensure you are on the best possible medication and at the best dose for you.

This service will help you understand what asthma is, what can trigger asthma and what you can do to control asthma.  This includes proper inhaler technique, learning about other medications you may take, when you may need to increase your medication, as well as, what to do for an asthma attack.  This service is offered by our Pharmacist.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder 
The COPD program will help you learn what COPD is, how to properly use your inhalers and medications, breathing techniques to help with breathlessness, and lifestyle choices to control COPD.  You will also learn the importance of mild exercise, to imporve your lung function and to help you manage your daily activites.  This program, offered by our Pharmacist and Nurse Practitioner, will provide you with an action plan to help keep you as healthy as possible, and help you deal with flare ups. 

18 Month Well Baby
This Nurse Practitioner led program offers a comprehensive assessment for babies turning 18 months of age.  The assessment includes screening for cognitive speech and language development milestones, immunization checks, as well as, education for parents.  Referral to supportive programs and additional assessments may also be completed as required to promote early intervention for any needs the babies or parents may have.  

Geriatric Program
This program, led by a Registered Nurse with extensive geriatric experience, supports seniors currently residing in four retirement homes in our surrounding community.  Described as “the smiling face of the doctor’s office”, the RN works as an extension of the primary care physicians and makes visits to each retirement home on a biweekly basis allowing for patients to be assessed in the comfort of their own home.  The RN collaborates and communicates with patients, their families and care providers to assist patients in achieving their health care goals.  Our RN can also refer patients and family members to other organizations and professionals for assistance. 

Oncolgy Nurse Navigator
Undergoing investigations, treatments, palliative support or even survivorship for cancer is extremely difficult, emotionally and physically, for both patients and their families.  The Nurse Navigator provides support for patients and family members to help them along in the cancer journey.  The Nurse Navigator is a local, single point of contact whom patients and their families can call for any reason.  The Nurse Navigator provides patients and families a familiar face and voice, who is there to assist them when they are unsure where to turn. 

Craving Change
Many people struggle with unhealthy eating habits and wonder why they can't seem to change.  If this is your experience, then come and join us for a five-session workshop series that is focused on helping you understand "why" you eat the way you do and provide you with the tools to change those troubling behaviours.